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Serenity Interiors

Jackie Eisenberg



Jackie Eisenberg founded Serenity Interiors in 2005 while still in design school.  From a young age, Jackie had a passion for creatively transforming spaces, both visually and functionally, understanding how to fully realize any room’s hidden potential.    

For the past 18 years, Jackie has created sophisticated but comfortable, interesting but not contrived, natural atmospheres. Each of which reflects her client's best self+. She is skilled at creating beautiful designs under a variety of budgets, styles, time frames, and requirements.

Jackie earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interpersonal Communications from University of Kansas and her Associates Degree from Harrington College of Design in Chicago. Prior to beginning her career in Interior Design, Jackie spent a decade as a high-level Executive Recruiter in the real estate and management consulting fields. Jackie and her husband have raised two wonderful children on Chicago’s North shore where they continue to enjoy spending time with family and friends. Jackie’s personal interests include world travel, art, music, paddle tennis and golf.





Countless clients over the past 18 years have come to rely on Jackie for her creative vision, Her process of listening and observing how her clients live allows Jackie to create environments that not only function well but reflect who they are. She starts by extracting her client’s unique and best qualities then reimagining them in various environments. Jackie utilizes 3D technology to share her design concepts and help bring them to life. From there, her philosophy is to let the process evolve naturally and organically, being thoughtful not to have it come across contrived. Capturing the uniqueness of each client is what Jackie lives for.



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